Bhutan News: India’s travel bubble to extend to Bhutan & Kenya

Bhutan News: After the stability in the cases of COVID-19, the Indian government is reopening all the restrictions laid during the lockdown. One of those restrictions was to travel to another country. But the government now became lenient and opening the travel bubble arrangements in a few countries.

Among them are Bhutan and Kenya which are immediate neighbors of India, the travel bubble arrangement has been signed with. Air traveling is also going to get started. The travel restrictions are released between the three countries which facilitate the travel of people through International flights.

Now special International passenger flights will be available to travel to these countries from India. The other 13 countries have also released its traveling bubbles and are restriction-free to travel via International flights. It means that a total of 15 countries will have air bubble arrangements. These 15 countries include- Bahrain, Afghanistan, France, Canada, Iraq, Germany, Japan, the Maldives, Qatar, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Bhutan, and Kenya. Now International flights can operate to these countries from India without any restriction.

On this, the Minister of Civil Aviation, Hardeep Singh Puri tweeted that, ” Reaching out to stranded Indians. In order to further boost bilateral International air connectivity, Air Bubble arrangements are now in place with Kenya and Bhutan. Indian carriers will be able to operate in these countries. Carriers of these countries will be able to fly to India.” The commutation will be through air traveling only.

Here, air travel is regarded as an air bubble or travel bubble because air travel arrangements have been made with the objective of restoring normal traveling and commercial passenger services by international flights. These services were suspended during the time of COVID-19 and now these are resumed on a reciprocal basis, that is both the countries will enjoy equal benefit while traveling.

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