Gir National Park to resume its Safari activity in Forest area

The Gir Sanctuary and two lion safari parks of Gujarat have been reopened after a heavy lockdown of six months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Forest authorities are saying that slots have not been booked for Diwali purposes. The main source of revenue of village people living near the sanctuary was fully based on tourism only. So, it is now the thing to worry about because of the ban on tourism in the area.

The Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary were opened last week, along with two safari parks which are the major source of attraction for tourists.

  1. The Devalia Safari Park is situated on the west side near the village Sasan.

  1. The Ambardi Safari Park is situated in the east division near the village Dhari.

Dushyant Vasudeva,  Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF) said that the tourist’s response to the opening of safari parks is very nominal as only 476 safari tickets have been purchased since the reopening of Safari Parks.

Tourism during the time of festive season uses to be highest along with the season of April and May due to the spring season. The spring season tourism was lost this year due to the pandemic and now it seems that this will happen during the festive season too.

According to the report, people are preferring staying at home rather than going somewhere to travel. Traveling during this time is very risky for elders and children as well.

Last year, almost 5-6 lakh people came to visit Gir forest and have fun with Jungle Safaris and see an Asiatic lion but this year, the pandemic ruined everything.

The daily limit of tourists is almost about 150-200 but this time, only 25-50 tickets are booked each day as reports from residents of Sasan.

Sasan is a small village situated in the Junagarh district of Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. They are facing too much problem because they purchased gypsies for safaris and now due to lack of tourism, they are finding it very hard to pay off the EMIs of gypsies.

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