Goa government to bake down Goa Tourism policies post lockdown

Because of the pandemic and lockdown thing, tourism services have suffered a lot because of border confinement. So to overcome the deficit, many state governments have decided to impose new tourism policies to have a hike in tourism services resulted in attracting many tourists from all over the world.

One of those includes the Goa Government which has done amendments in its policies for beaches and heritage sites on 14 October after the waiting period of six years.

  • The government has decided to make a separate tourism committee, which will act as a leader for the intending, advancing, employment generation, infrastructure development, and marketing activities of Goa tourism.

  • The policy came into existence when the second-largest revenue earner underwent a loss of Rs. 1000 crore during the lockdown. All the stays were opened in august but still, people were not in the mood to travel.

  • In these six months, unemployment has taken over in the economy which resulted in a lowering of GDP. It will generate a lot of employment which in result will lead to a contribution to the GDP of the economy and increase the standard of living too.

  • A lot of revenue of the state came from international tourists but after the ban of international as well as domestic aviation, a lot of deficit happened because of the lockdown. This has been admitted by Pramod Sawant and he even said that now tourism services are rebuilding day by day.

  • The Goa government has appointed one of the biggest Advisory Services and Tourism and Leisure Advisory Services, KPMG to make and implement the policies and master plan on travel services in 2014. And after making, they submitted the report by the end of the year 2019.

  • The policy covers various aspects encompassing coastal, cultural, social, natural, tourism, leisure, educational, entertainment services.

  • On the matter, the words of the tourism minister, Manohar Ajgaonkar are- the Goa government needs to promote beaches, temples, culture, and ancestry of Goa.

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