Kheerganga Trek | Where the mountains meet the moon

This one is a must for all the trekking lovers for at least once in their life time. Kheerganga trek | where the mountains meet the moon.

Kheerganga trek from Barshaini & Tosh

Kheerganga trek is one of the most popular trek in the parvati valley and in Kasol hills. Kheergangatrek from Kasol starts with a 22 KM of travel by road that goes upto Barshaini and till Tosh. And you can begin the trek to kheerganga from both Barshaini via village Kalga or from Tosh via Nukthan village. Both of these ways meet at a common point from where the Kheer ganga trek route becomes one. Both of these routes are covered with lush green forests all around and you will be walking amidst the huge majestic Himalayan mountains and will be crossing one of the best waterfalls you will ever see in your life. Some people starts with Kasol to Manikaran trek along the Parvati river, from Manikaran they take the bus to Barshaini and continue their trek further to Kheerganga.

Rainbow gatherings at Kheerganga
Kasol to Kheerganga trek distance approximately is 36 KM including both the road travel and the trek route. When I started traveling I heard about Khirganga trek a number of times as at that time rainbow gatherings used to happen 1 KM further to where Khir ganga trek ends and so I used to ask people where is Kheerganga, people used to get surprised as they never heard of that place before, during that time there was very less information on internet about that place, thankfully now we have internet and you can find all the related information easily, especially here, where we are now covering all the best places around India both the ones that are popular and the ones that are hidden secrets.

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More details about Kheerganga trek

Kheerganga height is approximately 2950 M and the view from kheerganga is absolute majestic. Don’t forget to take a bath in the famous Hot water spring as local people say that this bath is healing for your body and soul. Kheerganga location is such that it is mostly cold up there and whether you are going there in the peak summer months or in months such as October, you will always enjoy the Hot water bath. Some people stay in the water for hours. I have traveled from Kasol to Kheerganga 3 times in my life and the last time I went there I also chose to trek further from there to Tunda Bhuj that is another 14 KMs from Kheerganga. Tundabhuj is the next stepping stone on the way to Mantalai and further to Spiti valley via Pin Parvati pass.

For some people going for Pin Parvati pass trek is like going for Mount Everest and I am one of them. I wish to go for the whole Pin Parvati trek including Kheerganga atleast once in my lifetime and the time to do that is coming soon, hopefully the next summers. So when are you planning for your Kheerganga trek or maybe the whole Pin-Parvati pass trek, let us know in comments below. And for providing you all the services we are here to help you.


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