Konark Sun Temple to reopen in Odisha

After the heavy outbreak of COVID-19, the Odisha government has finally decided to open its major tourist attraction, The Sun Konark Temple in the Puri District of Odisha. It is a very auspicious moment for people and its priests because it is opening after five months of being closed, as per reports.

The rules and regulations of ASI (Archeological Survey of India) are protecting the monuments since 1861. The ASI monuments which are already opened include Khandagiri, Udaygiri, and Raja Rani temple. Now it is the turn of Sun Konark Temple of Puri.

According to reports of Arun Kumar Mallick, an officer of ASI, entry of 2,500 visitors will be allowed per day in two phases following the simple norms laid by Central and State Government- wearing masks and social distancing. The visitors have to go through thermal screening too before their entry into the temple.

If we discuss the facts about Sun Konark Temple, it is very obvious from the name that the temple is dedicated to the Sun god Surya.

  • The name of the temple has been derived from ‘kon’ and ‘ark’ which means ‘angle’ and ‘the sun’ respectively.
  • Temple was established by the king Narsimhadev in the 13th century.
  • A glimpse of Temple can be seen on the new 10-rupees note too.
  • There are 12-stones carved in the shape of wheels representing 12 months of the year. The spokes in the wheel form the shape of a sundial.
  • The temple is in the shape of a huge sun chariot which is drawn by 7 horses, which represents seven days of the week.
  • The temple is one of the UNESCO sites in India for its iconic architecture and unique model.
  • On the entrance of the temple, two statues of lions crushing an elephant are seen on either side which represents power and wealth.
  • The temple was called black/ kaala Pagoda by European sailors because of its black in color.
  • The temple has plenty of sculptures that depict kama, artha, dharma, and moksha, four major pursuits of life.

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