Rajamahendravaram of Andhra Pradesh to get the heritage city tag

The Central Government has decided to give Rajamahendravaram of Andhra Pradesh the heritage city tag. Rajamahendravaram is also called Rajahmundry.

The evidence of the existence of the Chalukya dynasty is collected for the 10th and 11th centuries. The Archeological Department of India has been appointed for this regard. Now it is the responsibility of ADI to collect all the necessary evidence and present it in front of the Central Government. They are the ones who will be involved in the excavation process. They will get funding too from the Central Government for its maintenance after getting the tag.

Something about the name

During the pre-British period, it was called Rajahmundry when it was under the Telugu kingdom. Then after the British rule, its name was changed to Rajamahendravaram. Under Madras Presidency in 1823.

The city is located on the bank of the divine river Godavari.

History of Rajamahendravaram

Rajaraja Narendra, ruler of Eastern Chalukya constructed the city in 1022 A.D. but the Rajamahendravaram was established in 918 A.D. Vijayaditya Ammaraja- 2, Prince Danamava and Rajaraja Narendra are the ones who worked hard from their sweat and blood to upgrade and develop the city till the middle of 15th century when Reddy came into rule.

According to the reports of East Godavari District Administration, Rajahmundry was the “Head- Quarters” of Godavari District during the rule of the British.

What is the city all about…

The city is involved in modern-day trade and commercial activities. Here, you can explore an enormous number of places for historical, mythological, and religious traces.

The city is known for its floriculture, history, agriculture, economy, tourism, and heritage making as the “Cultural Capital of Andhra Pradesh”.

There is one place called Pandavas Metta, a place in hillock and Pandavas on the way to Rameshwaram.

“Godavari Pushkaram” is the festival celebrated for 12 days in the city once every 12 years. People have to do pooja after taking a dip in the Godavari.

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