Seven countries where travel restrictions are not removed for India

As the effect of COVID-19 is diminishing, travel restrictions have been eased by the governments of different countries but there are many countries with which India still doesn’t have regular connectivity through International flights. There are many countries, including some major countries Indians are not allowed to go as India has almost 6.69 million coronavirus cases so far including 5.66 million recoveries and 104K deaths to date.


China eased travel restrictions in late August and allowed countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Laos, South Korea, Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, and many more but India was not included in the list. The total coronavirus cases in China Mainland is 91,082.


Italy has restricted the entries of people from high-risk countries like Russia, the USA, and India. The total number of cases noted so far here is 328K.


Just like Italy, Brazil has also restricted traveling of people to countries with a high number of cases like India and many more. The total cases noted so far here is 4.94 million.


Australian states like Western Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales recently have allowed people from only a few countries according to the national cabinet plan under hotel quarantine to apply the restriction on tourism to Australia.


South Korea is only accepting the visa application for long stays until now. The total number of cases noted so far is 24,239.


Spain has not yet allowed International flights from a few countries including India to prevent the spread of viruses. The number of cases noted is 813K.


Russia has already restricted many international flights when the lockdown started because of the corona pandemic. Since then, the connection of Russia with the Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Tanzania, Turkey, and Britain has been restored like before but not with India. The total number of cases noted so far is 1.24 million.

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