Tourists skip Shimla Hotels for Rural Homestays

Himachal Pradesh tourism is facing the utmost challenge since the state government had decided to open its boundaries a few days back. The major Center of attraction is the Atal tunnel and Lahaul valley. Now the travelers are trying to avoid the city crowd because of the pandemic and moving to rural areas.

One village out of them must visit one in Fagu, a beautiful village which is 45 minutes away from Shimla. Other than Fagu, other villages are Theong, Kotkhai, and Narkanda. The view is just breathtaking.

Mashbora is yet another village near Shimla which is famous for its green forest valleys and people from crowded urban areas Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, and Pune come here for recreation purposes.

There is another village named Kothai, Doc Hardy’s Cottage in which hospitality services are to be adored to. The Cottage is famous for apple orchards which face Mahasu Forest. The Cottage is registered with the state’s tourism department.

According to the report of the Tourism Department, there are almost 200-250 homestays in only Shimla. And many homestays out of these are promoted by the State Government. The government has also provided a Bed and Breakfast scheme which is promoted to encourage the locals to arrange for homestays and guesthouses.

Some rural areas like Fagu, Mashobra, Narkanda, and Kotgarh- these are very safe during the time of COVID-19, and the tourism services have given employment to many people here by serving and hosting the guests, cooking and serving the visitors, taking them on treks and long strolls, which adds to the experience of visitors.

If we talk about the costs, if we go to travel Shimla’s premium location, then the cost comes around 10,000-15,000. But we can also get accommodation of 1,500-2,500 per room. Kotgarh and Thanedar are high in demand and have premium properties to visit.

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