Vathalmalai: ‘Mini Ooty’ a must-visit during a lifetime.

As many restrictions are imposed at the time of COVID-19, travel restrictions are one among them. This year is all about the pandemic, coronavirus, quarantine, lockdown, and quarantine. This has created too much exhaustion that our mind is craving for a vacation or holiday. A maximum of the urban tourist spots are closed since lockdown and has not been opened yet, people are heading toward rural tourist spots too.

One of those attractive places to visit to overcome the mental craving is Vathalmalai- a tribal spot situated in the Eastern Ghats which is 25 km from Dharmapuri. It is also referred to as ‘Mini Ooty’ by its residents. You can reach here by road. As very good transport facility is not available to reach here. But the effort you take to reach here will be worth it after seeing its iconic beauty.

Recently the center of attraction in this area is rain-fed water bodies in hill stations from dozens of streams. Usually, many tourists opt for Hogenakkal because of more activities involved there. The forest department also does not allow a large group of people.

Reasons why you should visit Vathalmalai once:

  • Vathalmalai is also called Vytla hills which is famous for its beauty.
  • The 3,000-foot hill is one of the famous hill stations with its unique flora and pleasant climate.
  • It is one of the beautiful landscapes in Dharmapuri especially during the rainy season because of the dozens of lakes and streams flow during a particular time.
  • The climate has meditative calmness which offers peace to the brain.
  • It has a moderate humid subtropical climate. During the winters, hills are covered with mist.
  • The place is not commercialized. So it is pollution-free.
  • It is a very underrated tourism spot because the district administration does not take much effort to develop tourism in this area.

Apart from Vathalmalai, other places to visit in Dharmapuri District are- Hogenakkal falls, Chenraya Perumal Temple, Mount Carmel Church, Crocodile Rehabilitation center, and CS Grand.

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